Exercises at the gym – how to start?

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Going to gyms is a frequent New Year’s resolution for most people intending to exercise regularly from the proverbial monday. However, once you make the decision and stand at the door of the club you should remember a few basic things.

Must be the best gym workout plan

Above all, remember that the term gym is already out of date. Modern fitness clubs are not only weights. It’s a lot of modern devices, tailored to different goals, plans and ways of training. First, choose a club that will meet your expectations. Follow the availability of modern equipment, equipment, space, café with healthy snacks, as well as other additional possibilities. Choose a place where there is a friendly atmosphere, and trainers and instructors are happy to help and knowledge, so your training will gain quality and the time spent in the club will not be lost.

When you go to the gym for the first time, do not be afraid to ask questions. Who asks not stray! The trainers on duty will show you how to do the exercises correctly and learn how to use the machines, which will avoid injuries and prevent the senseless lurking between different machines or weights.

Gym workout for beginners – how to start?

Before you start training, you need to set training goals. Of course you have many questions, how to work out? Do you care about losing body fat, shaping your body shape, increasing your strength or do you dream about increasing muscle mass? First steps should be taken with an experienced trainer who will be able to guide you at the beginning of your adventure with strength training. Such a trainer will perfectly choose the right set of exercises. Do not give up if you do not see progress after a few trainings. It is correct to say that you did not gain weight in one night, so do not expect to lose weight in one day.

What to do at the gym?

It should be remembered that the first trainings should be introductory and with a slightly lower weight, in order to prepare the muscles and joints for harder work in subsequent stages. First the technique, then the weight. Mastering the technique of correctly performed exercises is not as easy as it seems to everyone. It takes time and regular training to get certain habits into blood. Breathing is also a key element. At the time when you leave the weight try to get air, and when you pick it up let it out. This trick will definitely help you work on the technique.

Train with your head and do not compare yourself to people who exercise in the gym for a few months or even years. Choose the weight according to your own abilities and predispositions, do not suggest how much they put on the barbell next to it. Do not succumb to the pressure of the environment, only pursue your own goals. But try to make sure that the whole training session does not become a non-productive waving of dumbbells. First time at the gym sometimes is very hard.

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