Fitness or gym. What to choose?

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With the growing awareness of the importance of physical culture, you can see a growing number of gym users and fitness clubs. What are the differences between these two types of physical activity? Are the effects that can be achieved similar? When to choose fitness and when to go to the gym?

Fitness or gym?

Classes in the fitness club are very diverse. You can mention here, for example, strengthening the muscles of the buttocks, which allow you to achieve their perfect shape, general developmental activities that combine static and dynamic or dance exercises, health-oriented Pilates, exercises for healthy spine or stretching, and many more.

The greatest advantage of exercise and fitness classes is their diversity, in fact you can simultaneously and multi-directionally develop the physical fitness of your body, but also find exercises that will suit your temperament.

Fitness exercises take place in groups, so each participant of the class feels the support of other exercisers, it motivates more for increased effort. This is a very good solution for shy people who can easily hide in the crowd and calmly learn about physical activity.

Unfortunately, classes in the group have the disadvantage that the person conducting the classes can not concentrate on all participants of the classes individually, so the exercises can be performed in an inappropriate way. This in turn may lead to injury and further discouragement.

Gym membership deals the best solution

Training using gym equipment can be performed under the supervision of a personal trainer. Exercises with a personal trainer are completely adapted to our needs and capabilities. The personal trainer’s experience will help you choose the right workload and technique. During the classes with the trainer all his attention is completely focused on our progress and the implementation of the designated training plan. Classes with a personal trainer will allow us to make precise exercises, so the risk of injury is minimized, but gym prices are higher.

During strength training, unfortunately, there is no time to relax, gym exercises are used to achieve specific goals, so you have to concentrate on their performance. Here you work slowly in the right tempo for your body. Training plan at the gym can be carried out independently, but here you need to understand the meaning of the exercises performed, learn the secrets of muscle work and control how they are used.

People who dream about losing unnecessary kilograms should think about physical activity. Beginners are recommended group fitness classes, thanks to this they will gain motivation and see that not only they are struggling with the problem of unnecessary kilograms. The next step on the way to achieve the dream figure are classes with a personal trainer who will teach us how to handle your own body. Once we are aware of how to control our muscles, then we can continue to work on the body ourselves.

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