How to motivate yourself to learn?

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When it’s time to learn, sometimes more or less consciously, we start to devote ourselves to the activities that are useful, but have nothing to do with it. In the end, it turns out that we have already drank a few coffees, ironed clothes for the whole week, we cleaned the mailbox, our room shines like never before, but at the same time … the pile of books on the desk has already covered the dust. The meticulous planning of learning and convincing yourself that this time it would be different was not enough.

Take care of an inspiring morning – it will mobilize you to learn

The way we start the morning, usually affects the rest of our day. It is a good practice to introduce an inspiring morning routine that will allow you to stay in positive, productive mode for a dozen or so hours. Being in this mode, it’s easier to focus and motivate to act. In the meantime it’s a great way to prevent lack of motivation.

How to motivate yourself to study ? Get enough sleep!

This point may seem trivial, but the closer to an important pass, the greater the risk that we decide to make a few nights for inefficient cramming. The power of sleep can be underestimated by students and students, but it really has a huge impact on our body. Seven, eight hours of uninterrupted, peaceful sleep is the best way to increase your productivity and energy for the next day. Such regeneration also promotes faster material storage.

Use the small steps method

Do not try to master all the material at once – during one, several – or several-hour “meeting”. If it is really a lot, you will not succeed. After just a few hours, you will most likely experience frustration and fatigue that are definitely not conducive to effective learning.

Before proceeding, divide the material into smaller parts and set a specific date for the implementation of the various stages of learning. The small steps method is definitely more effective than learning everything at once. It is better to absorb smaller portions of knowledge and then repeat everything several times. Besides, such a solution does not carry the risk of quickly overworking and discouragement of further intellectual effort.

Positive effect of relaxation

Even if there is not much time left to the exam, one can not forget that man does not live by science alone. Finding in this intense period of time for rest and minor pleasures (eg listening to music, walking, running, etc.) is really important. Such small joys are not just a good motivation techniques, but simply a concern for the hygiene of the mind. It’s also good idea to find out what is intrinsic motivation.

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