How to set goals?

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Dream, so most of us call big goals that we could put before us. We dream about a house in the mountains, safari trip, parachuting course, about a marathon run, about being behind the wheel of a car, eating healthy food and abandoning a full-time job. We dream about it, because most of us know that you can not eat well if you have not finished dietetics and learn a foreign language that you have never had contact with. However, all this is a matter of smart goal setting.

Why should you set goals?

Many people do not like planning. Some prefer to act more spontaneously, appreciate more freedom and are open to the unforeseen. Of course, this approach contains a lot of truth because you can not predict everything and control the future. Creating concrete plans even by using some goal planner, can result in advantage.

Work out your goal

Think about who I have to become, what to learn and what skills to acquire to achieve what is a goal. Break your goal. A dream for a list of tasks to do, things to do and habits that you need to introduce to your everyday life. Specify the lead time for each of these tasks. Decide that every day you spend 30 minutes reading books on self-development, that you will find 1 new “healthy” recipe every day, decide that you will eat 5 portions of fruit a day, on Thursday you will check when to find the cheapest flights to Kenya, and on Friday you will find out if such a trip is associated with any vaccinations. Start making your dream come true. Remember that even the longest journey begins with the first step.

Increase your self-confidence

In order to achieve a great goal, you can not rest on your laurels, you have to constantly develop, aim in the previously provided direction and think how to achieve your goals. So you read books and blogs, look at thematic YouTube channels, meet people who are authorities in a given field. In the blink of an eye you gain enormous amounts of knowledge, experience and skills. How much you notice after you only when your friends one day will treat you as an authority in the field of cooking, ask for advice on the training plan, program operation or setting up a website. You look back and see that in the last two months you’ve learned more than a few years of studying at school or college yourself. Such awareness can give an incredible kick and mobilization for further action.

Save your goals

Do not keep plans only in your head. Write them down and keep them where you often look. It can be an electronic place, as well as a paper notebook, self-adhesive sticky notes on the walls, etc. Saving formalizes goals, gives them more weight and meaning, but also makes it easier to remember and organize scattered thoughts. This is great idea how to set goals for another days or different period.

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