New Year’s resolutions. How to keep them?

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The New Year’s resolutions are, according to psychologists, our response to the arrival of the New Year, which we treat as a symbol, the first day of our new and implicitly better life. What we have not done in the past year will surely catch up. However, as experience shows, only the words remain from the New Year’s resolutions.

The New Year’s resolutions ideas are very important

The New Year’s resolutions are made by most of us, for the New Year is for us like a blank piece of paper. Unsaved, unpainted, perfect to fill with New Year’s resolutions. But why is it so hard to keep them? Here’s what to do to better comply with your New Year’s resolutions.

Lower the bar, do not try to do everything at once. Place two, three, three goals ahead of them and set the order for them. Example, you quit smoking first and then deal with the fat on your hips. Otherwise, neither will succeed. To select targets that will go to the first fire, write all orders on a piece of paper. Ask yourself what I care about the most? Write down some of the things that can wait, think again and quit a few again. By way of elimination, you will choose the things that are foremost to you. For each commitment, specify the real deadline for implementation. This is important, because you will not lose four kilos in a week, and farewell with cigarettes can last up to a month. When planning realistically, you will be less stressful and easier to fulfill your goals.

The new years resolution statistics good

According to the statistics, only every 20 people who set themselves New Year’s goals, keep one hundred percent of all the provisions. Perhaps this is due to the high expectations and requirements that we set ourselves. Hijacking many resolutions is rarely successful. Skillful assessment of one’s own capabilities is one of the most important elements of effective planning and implementation of changes.

How to keep new year’s resolutions?

According to psychologists, the strength of the New Year’s resolutions does not lie in immediate effect, but in changing the way of thinking and in the motivation to make a fruitful effort. Most of the changes in our lives are made not as a result of an emergency, but as a result of our work. The New Year’s resolution directs attention to a goal, for example I will run and even if I do not do it right away, the process has already begun. One day, its effect will also appear. If someone really cares, he will succeed. It’s not worth giving up after a few days.

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